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Our First Christmas Tree

This is our first Christmas as wedded persons. Husband and I have been thinking about the things that make the holidays special for us as children, as well as brainstorming new traditions we want create. While we can’t wait to discover those spontaneous traditions that come with time, we’ve settled on one non-negotiable: the Christmas tree.

My love for Christmas trees comes from my childhood. I have fond memories as a child of getting bundled up and heading to the mountains with the family to find that year’s Christmas tree. We would cut it down ourselves and bring it home with pride.

These were some of the most magical moments of my childhood. That night, the Christmas decorations would emerge from the basement and we would run around with strings of tinsel, barefoot and pajama’d, dancing to the tunes of Natalie Cole’s Christmas Album. I remember laying beneath the tree for hours, staring up at the lights and taking in that fresh pine scent. I think that smell is what burned these moments into my memory, the way I could close my eyes and convince myself that I was in the woods just beyond my back door.

While the woods are a significantly greater distance from our back door here in New York, found a street-side tree farm near our studio and carried it home ourselves. It’s amazing how many people will wish you a Merry Christmas when you’re carrying a 150-pound evergreen down Long Island City landing.

So urban living slash convenience aside, there will be a live tree! Here is a look at how this year’s decor turned out. I got my trees and my decorations from IKEA. Now all that’s left is to fill it out with gifts. If you’re a bit stuck still on what to get, check out my gift guide from last year. Happy holidays, friends!

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