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A Holiday Gift Guide

Confession. I haven’t begun shopping for this season yet, and I’m in need of inspiration. At about this time of year, the stores become busy with frantic shoppers. But if you have an Amazon account, you’ve got pa-lenty of time to finish your Christmas shopping without even leaving your living room.

Maybe you still don’t know what to get the man in your life. And while your girlfriend says she’s easy to crack, you know that another pair of socks will elicit that fake smile thing. For those impossible-to-please people left on your shopping list, I present what I would say are some solid gift options. The products here are all things I own and love, they are less than $30, and all available online. In my opinion, these are unique, thoughtful and sophisticated holiday gifts for your loved ones.

So stay home, grab a glass of peppermint tea, slip into those soft cotton pj’s and Google shop while watching Jimmy Stewart on Netflix.

Holiday Gift Guide MY 2017 HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE

GLOVES // You know a gift is good when as you go to wrap it, you consider keeping it for yourself. H&M’s slim fit leather gloves were just that for me — I bought a pair for myself! Black leather gloves are a classic: an affordable and elegant solution to fighting the winter chills this season with a little swag. Lined with a zipper, these gloves will keep your friends (and maybe you) both warm and lovely.

SHAVING KIT // I’m a sucker for good design, and the packaging for this item almost alone warrants a place on this list. For the men in your life who like to look polished, treat him to The Body Shop Modern Gent’s Post Party Rescue Kit. It features a For Man Balancing Face Protector with Peruvian Maca Root for skin hydration, with the easily absorbed Eye Rescue Serum that refreshes the skin around the eye. Also included is the Maca Root Balancing Face Protector Eye Rescue Serum.

PAJAMAS //  With the arrival of cooler weather comes the resurgence of the two-piece pajama set. From luxe satin combos to cozy flannel sets, there’s no better way to spend the more than 50 hours a week you spend between your covers. Your girlfriend will love Victoria’s Secret’s lightweight pajama set: a relaxed fit, soft, drawstring waist combination that will make the end of your day the best part.

CLUTCH // Bags are always a safe option, and this is one of my favorite ones. H&M’s white clutch bag in faux leather is a unique accessory for any woman. Whether you’re gifting for your mother-in-law or your high school girlfriend, this is a sophisticated way to remind the people in your life that they’re important to you. I’d fill this with Godiva chocolates before wrapping.

CANDLE // So you know I love candles, and I’m excited to share a new discovery of mine: Midnight Forest Chesapeake Bay Candle. Candles are always a crowd pleaser, something anybody could use in the cold winter months to brighten the home. This decadent candle is a chic fragrance mix of mint leaves, balsam fir, and green apple with a base of sandalwood, moss and musk to replicate a forest night scene. The chic black and gold jar looks luxurious in any room.

BOBBIE BROWN MOISTURIZER // Bobbie Brown does everything right, and the Bobbi Brown Extra Illuminating Moisture Balm has become my necessity in this polar vortex of a winter. This lotion helps energize and enliven skin as a makeup base. I do believe this is a product even Bobbi Brown herself would love to see under her tree.

SHIP OF THESEUS // For those literary aficonado friends of yours, I’d suggest a different kind of a read. It’s not so well known but J.J. Abrams doesn’t just direct film. J.J. Abrams and V.M. Straka’s 2015 book, Ship of Theseus, offers a different kind of adventure for your literary aficionados. This book chronicles a man with no past who is shangaied into a strange ship. More interesting is that the book follows a between-the-margins conversation of two people who are reading the book. I have a thing for writing in books, and whenever I give one away, I love to add a little personal something beneath the title page.

*the above is sponsored in no way. 

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